Alter G

At Preferred Rehab we have the only Alter G treadmill in all of Hamilton!

“Redefine what’s possible in rehab and training.”


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What is the ALTER G?

The Alter G is a specialized, rehabilitation/training anti-gravity treadmill that allows you to stand, walk or run without having to support the load/stress of your full body weight. Preferred Rehab Physiotherapy -Orthopaedic Centre is the only clinic in Hamilton that offers this unique service!

How does it work?

The Alter G works using differential air pressure (DAP), a technology originally created by NASA to combat the negative effects that being in outer space has on astronauts’ body. Using this same technology, the Alter G is able to unload your own body weight at precise 1% increments (up to 80%) by using a chamber that wraps around your lower extremity and fills with pressurized air.

This means that, if a patient who weighs 100 lbs has an injury where they can only tolerate 20 lbs of their total weight, they would be able to exercise safely and comfortably at an earlier point in their recovery using the Alter G.

In addition to precise reductions in body weight, factors such as incline, speed and direction of movement (e.g., forwards or backwards) can be adjusted on the Alter G. This allows for a specific and tailored workout/treatment for each individual patient while reducing the stress that is placed their body during rehabilitation.

Often times, when we are going through rehabilitation for various injuries, conditions or surgeries, our gait becomes affected/altered as a result of the pain or anxiety that comes with putting weight on that limb. By offloading the weight and gravity that is being placed on our body, the Alter G enables the patient to experience the benefits of standing, walking and running without having to worry about the injury and pain.

For example, the anti-gravity treadmill has been found to be a useful modality in helping people with knee Osteoarthritis reap the health benefits of exercise while reducing the pain and biological stress that can occur while exercising with the condition (Jayabalan et al, 2023).

Who can benefit from the Alter G?

Orthopaedic Injury

Recovering from an orthopedic injury/condition such as a broken leg, a ligament sprain/tear, an Achilles tendon rupture, arthritis and more

Post-Surgery Care

Recovering from an orthopedic surgery such as total hip replacements, total knee replacements, internal fixations, ACL reconstructions, Hip labral repairs and more

Neurological Rehab

Rehabilitating a neurological injury such as Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy

“This anti-gravity machine, besides being excellent for improving one’s walking skills, is a lot of fun! In fact, when I am on it I imagine that I’m doing a space walk! I can actually see an image of myself walking along the belt as the supervisor, the physiotherapist, works the controls. This allows me to see how much I am improving my walking skills from one session to the next. I strongly recommend this!”

  • 80-year-old patient recovering from an internal fixation following hip fracture